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The answer to this question is several different types.

Subdivision can be a lucrative but also very complicated process that can require the services of several consultants. It is also likely to require a developer to comply with conditions imposed by authorities such as Council, Service Authorities and others.

An initial feasibility evaluation should be undertaken before large amounts of money are committed to a proposed subdivision. A feasibility evaluation is aimed at identifying opportunities and constraints that effect a proposed subdivision site. A feasibility evaluation will typically identify characteristics of a site such as zoning, minimum lot size requirements, basic drainage and utility information and potential constraints such easements, covenants, heritage listings etc.

Assuming that the feasibility assessment is favourable the subdivision process can proceed to the application phase. To begin the application phase a surveyor will need to be engaged to prepare a detail survey of the land to be subdivided and possibly the land adjacent to it. The detail survey locates structures and features on and around the proposal site and a detail plan is prepared from the information gathered. The detail plan is then used to determine a subdivision layout that will maximise the potential of the development site. Once the surveyor has determined a subdivision layout a proposed subdivision plan is prepared superimposing the proposed subdivision layout over the detail plan.

The Proposed Subdivision Plan is submitted to Council often with a Statement of Environmental Effects as part of a Development Application (DA).

Following Council’s approval the developer will need to comply with a number of approval conditions. These will vary from site to site and can including things such as ensuring new lots have access to utilities such as water, electricity, telecommunications and sewer, construction of roads or driveways, payment to Council of section 94 contributions, preparation of flora and fauna reports, bushfire assessments or other conditions. Complying with these conditions can be very expensive. Before proceeding you should make an appraisal of the return to be gained from the development given the conditions that are being imposed by your development approval.

In addition to meeting Council’s approval conditions the developer will need to engage a Registered Surveyor to prepare a plan of subdivision that is suitable for lodgement with Land and Property Information (LPI).

Once all of the conditions of the DA have been met and the surveyor’s subdivision plan is complete an application for Council to sign the subdivision certificate needs to be lodged with Council. Once Council have signed the subdivision certificate and all other parties having an interest in the subject land and its subdivision have signed the plan administration sheets indicating their consent the subdivision plan is lodged with the land titles office for registration. Following registration of the subdivision plan, titles to the new lots are issued and the lots can be sold.

In NSW only a Registered Land Surveyor can prepare a plan of subdivision. Our Registered Surveyors have prepared countless subdivision plans. Contact our Registered Surveyors to find out how we can assist you with your subdivision and enjoy the confidence that comes from having experienced professionals on your side.

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