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In addition to our ability to provide expert advice and services relating to land and boundary surveys our Registered Land Surveyors are very experienced at meeting client needs in relation to engineering surveys. Many local councils and private certifiers require certification from a Registered Surveyor in regards to positions and levels associated with some kinds of engineering surveys. Our Registered Surveyors can provide certification for position and level when required by a certifying authority.

Works as Executed Surveys

It is often a requirement of a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) that a Works as Executed Survey be carried out at the end of a project. A works as executed survey can be carried out on kerbs and gutters, road pavements, stormwater and sewer systems or just about any other structure that has been given construction approval by a certifying authority such as a local council. Our Registered Surveyors are experienced at carrying out Works as Executed Surveys and are able to provide certification of the as built position and level of most structures.

Volumetric Surveys

A volumetric survey can be required for a variety of reasons ranging between a council requiring certification of the capacity of an onsite detention system through to a need to determine stockpile quantities at quarries or cut and fill quantities on an engineering project.

Monitoring Surveys

Monitoring surveys are critical when it becomes necessary to demonstrate that a structure or feature is undergoing lateral or vertical movement. Examples of monitoring surveys that our surveyors have been involved with include monitoring buildings and structures located adjacent to deep excavation pits and monitoring pavements to establish patterns associated with shrink swell ground movement.

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