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Our Registered Surveyors have been accredited by the Board of Surveying and Spatial Information (BOSSI) to undertake boundary surveys in NSW.

Advance Land Surveyors are experienced at preparing many different types of boundary surveys these include;

Boundary Peg outs

This kind of survey involves the placement of a physical mark or marks at the corner or along the boundaries of a parcel of land. In conjunction with a sketch prepared by Advance Land Surveyors this kind of survey provides our clients with tangible evidence of where their property begins and ends. A boundary pegout survey can be used for a variety of reasons ranging between attempting to resolve a boundary dispute to determining where a new fence should be erected.

Identification Surveys

An identification survey or ident survey reports on the location of improvements such as buildings and fences in relation to property boundaries. Whether you require an ident survey for conveyancing purposes, for certification of a new building’s location, to confirm the location of formwork or a recently poured slab or to obtain a compliance certificate from your local council our Registered Surveyors have the experience required to prepare an identification sketch and report that will be tailored to your specific needs.

Building Setout

This kind of survey translates an architectural design into tangible marks on the ground. These marks can then be used in conjunction with our setout sketch to construct a building or other structure at its intended location. In addition, if requested our surveyors can place a benchmark in close proximity to your proposed structure. The bench mark can be used to construct the building or structure at its intended level.

Redefinition Plan

Redefinition plans are a plan of survey that when registered at Land and Property Information (LPI) give greater certainty to the location and extent of a parcel of land. A plan of redefinition is often a precursor to registration of a strata plan. Our experienced Registered Surveyors can provide you with the benefit of their expert advice to prevent unnecessary and costly delays at the end of your strata project, which can result from an inadequate survey plan underlying your proposed strata plan.

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