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Engineers, Architects and Local Governments often require a detail and Contour survey to assess the potential and suitability of a site for a proposed development. Advance Land Surveyors can provide a detail survey to locate features on a parcel of land for design and approval purposes such as buildings, utilities, vegetation and site topography. Detail surveys prepared by Advance Land Surveyors can be provided in a hardcopy format or a range of electronic formats including PDF, dwg & dxf.

Because our Registered Surveyors are accredited by the Board of Surveying and Spatial Information (BOSSI) to undertake boundary surveys in NSW we are able to offer you our services at this initial stage of your development and at all subsequent stages. Giving you the opportunity to deal with a single expert consultant for all your survey needs from concept to completion.

Detail and contour surveys prepared by Advance Land Surveyors are able to include features such as:

  • Boundary and easement descriptions
  • Site topography expressed as contours and spot levels
  • Location of significant buildings and structures on the subject property
  • Floor level, ridge levels and gutter levels of buildings located on the subject property
  • Building footprints on adjacent properties
  • Ridge, gutter and window levels for buildings located on adjoining properties
  • Location of significant vegetation
  • Location of visible and accessible services
  • Kerb levels
  • Benchmark related to Australian Height Datum (AHD) when required

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